Using microlearning for large teams

Using microlearning for large teams

When you have large teams to train, microlearning is the ideal solution. Microlearning is an effective way of teaching information, because it utilizes small chunks of information that are concise and to the point. Companies that initiate huge change programs or need to onboard large numbers of people at one time can utilize microlearning to help get everyone on the right track quickly. Here are tips for when using microlearning for large teams.

Microlearning Can Be Personalized

Everyone has a different background, different education and different skill levels. That is why having a generic training system may not be effective. Being able to personalize a training program to meet the individual needs of employees can help everyone be ready faster. A microlearning program will allow the users to pick and choose the small chunks of information they need, instead of trying to learn everything. A mobile learning program can be designed to provide the individual employee with the training they need, instead of each employee taking a generic training course that has to be wide spread and less concise to appease everyone.

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Microlearning Fast Tracks the Learning

Because the learning is concise and it can be personalized to the needs of the individual, the learning can be fast tracked. Employees don’t need to take on lessons that they have already mastered, waste time with concepts they don’t need to understand and yet they can access the training programs from their mobile phone or tablet. This allows them to be able to complete the training faster. Each of the units is more concise and shorter, so retention is higher than in a traditional setting.

Microlearning is Cost Effective

Company training is typically expensive. Traditional training programs tie up top-earners for the day while they train the new recruits. When these highly-paid individuals are training the staff, they really aren’t making any money for the company. Their talents are somewhat wasted, because they won’t be able to effectively transfer the knowledge to the new hire without extensive training and this puts them in a position where they can’t be productive themselves.

However, with microlearning and a mobile learning program, a large number of employees can be provided with the training they need quickly, efficiently and affordably. They can access the individual training lessons they need depending on their skill level, their job requirements and their past experiences. It is a great way to get all employees trained quickly.

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