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User Guide: Configuring an Assessment with the Question Pool Template in the Authoring Tool

When editing a lesson in the authoring tool, content admins and ID’s have the option of configuring a question pool. This gives them the option to work with a variety of templates within a template. When the learner completes the lesson, they will not necessarily answer the same question every time.

1. Login to admin.edapp.com using your admin credentials.
2. Select ‘Courses’ in the top left hand corner. This will bring you to the admin course page.

3. Select an existing course OR create a new course by selecting ‘Create a new course’ in the top right hand corner

4. Select an existing lesson title OR select ‘Create a new lesson’ in the mid upper right hand corner

5. Select ‘Edit lesson content’ on the right side of the page. This will launch the authoring tool for this particular lesson.
6. Once in the authoring tool, select ‘Add a new slide’ in the bottom right hand corner of the page. This will launch ‘Choose a template’.

7. Select ‘Advanced’ in the ‘Choose a template’ menu bar. Then select ‘Question Pool’.

8. The Question Pool template will be added to the list of slides to the right hand of the authoring tool.
9. In order to add additional templates within the question pool, select ‘Edit Slides’ in the center left of the page. This will launch a new slide list on the right hand side of the page, where you will have the option to add multiple slides within this Question Pool template.

10. Some templates will be pre-selected, however these can be deleted by selecting the receptacle icon to the right of each slide in the slide list. To add a new slide to the question pool select ‘Add a new slide’.

11. Select the template you desire. Use the authoring tool to fill in the fields where appropriate, edit the timer, etc.

12. Repeat step 10 until you have a desirable amount of slides for your question pool.
13. Select ‘Return to Lesson’ at the center bottom of the page when you are ready to exit the question pool and return to the general lesson editor.

14. Type in the desired number of questions the learner will be presented at the time they complete the lesson (center bottom of the page). Remember, these questions will shuffle and the learner will only be displayed this amount despite the amount of slides within the question pool.
15. You may continue to add slides to the right of the page if desired.
16. Select ‘Save’ when the lesson editing is complete.