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Upcoming: Cloud Translation

A major pain-point when it comes to deployment of eLearning is Translation. Problems deploying learning content to multiple markets have long plagued instructional designers and SMEs – the amount of time, difficulty in reproducing activities, and more. At Ed Microlearning, we’ve developed a solution to this problem that will help ease the struggle of translating courses.

Get a course translated in seconds

Thanks to a partnership with Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT), Ed will soon let you translate an entire course into over 100 languages with the click of a button. This allows you to quickly obtain a translated course, ready to be reviewed by a native speaker.

From square one to almost done

Our translation solution gets your lessons to the finish line, allowing a native speaker to simply perform some edits as necessary, instead of starting from scratch like existing solutions.

This results in significant time savings for you and your translator, allowing you to get your lessons out faster and to more markets than ever before. Instead of days or weeks, reviews and any necessary edits can be performed in just a few hours using our world-class authoring tool.

Better yet, the time saved allows you to get back to doing what you do best – developing engaging and effective courseware and easily deploying it to your workforce in moments, with Ed’s native iPhone or Android app, or through any web browser with our web app.

See it in action

Have a look at our Lab Features webinar to see the Machine Translation feature in action, or preview our new rapid authoring features – all to come in the third quarter of 2018.