How To Hook Your New Employees To Their Training

How To Hook Your New Employees To Their Training

Attracting employees to their training can be challenging for organizations, particularly when training modules are based on traditional learning methods.

In this article, we set out to provide strategies to hook your employees to their mandatory training courses.

Adopt A Modern Approach To Learning

Microlearning is both a modern and forward-thinking approach to the most successful learning strategy for employees. Mobile-based microlearning provides convenience and flexibility to employees, enabling them to progress through learning when it suits them. This is not only attractive to employees, but also accommodates their needs and preferences in the workplace.

Use Interactivities and Gamification

Gamification is a unique and core benefit of microlearning. It encapsulates the incorporation of gaming elements, such as point scores, badges, star bars and prizing, into serious course content. When learners are able to physically involve themselves in training, they are able to absorb and more accurately retain greater volumes of content. Gamification works to intrinsically and extrinsically motivate employees, through the provision of positive phrases and real-life prizing.

Provide Feedback and A Support Network

Providing constructive feedback to employees is crucial in order to recognise areas of weakness, as well as potential gaps in learning. From here, employers are able to determine which pieces of information need to be reinforced to learners for a holistic understanding of key concepts. This also goes the other way, whereby learners are able to provide feedback on the course to their employers. This means that the course and its content can be improved for the formulation of the best possible course. Building a support network amongst your workforce is also essential to creating a positive and safe workplace. When employees feel supported, they are more likely to take positive risks and feel comfortable challenging themselves without judgement.

Reward and Recognise Your Employees

Rewarding and recognising employees result in them feeling a strong sense of value. Valued employees are more motivated to participate in training and develop team spirit and enjoyment in learning about company processes and complex concepts. Recognising your employees is as easy as praising them on the good work that they do and making them aware that you realise their value to the team and company. Rewards can be provided to employees in the form of real prizing, such as through vouchers, or virtual prizing, such as badges and points within the LMS.


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