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The Reviewer Permission

Key Takeaway: You can review content in the app before giving access to your learners with the reviewer permission.

One of the benefits of Ed’s rapid authoring capabilities is the flexibility it offers you to quickly respond to new developments (e.g. the release of a new product, or an improved method of training on a particular competency). Producing content while learners are already taking part in existing lessons allows this responsive just in time learning to be delivered.

Of course, part of producing high quality content includes putting it through thorough QA checks before presenting it to your learning community. This can be challenging when it comes to checking in-progress work in-app without publishing it to your already active learners. Similar difficulties occur when trying to examine content only available to a particular user group, or content set to unlock in the future.

To get past these difficulties, we developed the reviewer user role. Users granted this permission are able to view all courses and lessons in app – they can bypass prerequisites and unlock dates, access content for user groups they are not part of, and can view lessons even if they are set to draft.

reviewer in app

Left: App user without the Reviewier role. Right: App user with the Reviewer role.

To set up a user as a reviewer, simply edit their user in the LMS administration portal, and check reviewer in the Roles section.

reviewer setup

Have any questions? Send a message to hello@edapp.com and we will review the process with you.