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The New ‘Expandable List’ Template

Expandable List is this week’s new addition to our content slides available on Ed. Essentially it is a template that displays a list of bullet points but with so much more to give.

The Expandable List template delivers a bulleted list to your users, who are able to tap each bullet point to expose further information. The close proximity of each point enables users to extrapolate relationships between points for quick digestion but are also able to reveal explanations to a point if need be.

Template Expandable List

The functionality of this drop down menu allows your users to comprehend an overview but also investigate further detail within an optimal design for mobile.

Explore ways to activate your user’s knowledge with the Expandable List template on the Ed Template Library now.

Expandable List

Our Instructional Design Team is continually adding new templates to the Ed Template Library. By utilizing the many templates we have available you can get your users mentally fit by constantly asking them to mobilise their knowledge in varying scenarios and contexts. Be sure to watch this space for new templates.