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The Benefits of Sharing Knowledge and Experience

Sharing knowledge throughout a company is beneficial for employees spanning across different departments and levels of expertise.

The benefits of info sharing is endless in the corporate sphere as employees with different skillsets are able to share their knowledge with others. It is also necessary in the smooth transition of roles from the Baby Boomers to the millennials.

We’ve rounded up the 4 most beneficial factors of sharing knowledge and experience in the workplace.

1. Sharing Knowledge Facilitates Efficiency and Competence

When employees shift jobs or roles, information is consequently lost, inhibiting corporate growth and productivity. Knowledge sharing avoids this issue as knowledge of experienced employees is stored within the company for the utilisation of current and future employees. Much time is often taken by employees to find relevant information for use within their job. This can be minimised and used more productively if information is readily available, promoting an information sharing workplace culture.

2. Bridges Potential Gaps in Shared Knowledge

The infiltration of knowledge across different functions within companies assists in filling in gaps in knowledge. With older generations inevitably departing the workforce and surge of millennials coming in, it is crucial to pass knowledge to these younger generations to close the generational gap. This ensures an ongoing informative mindset, from which employees can grow personally and professionally.

3. Sharing Knowledge Emphasises a Learning Culture

A nurturing environment in which learning is encouraged makes for a more attractive and adaptive workplace. Creating a learning culture is important to provide learners with the educational needs relevant to the increased performance within their roles. Employees who are aware of the processes within the company are more likely to be able to adapt to changes in the industry and company, as well as increasing their chances of being promoted or take on larger responsibilities.

4. Creates a Support Network

Sharing knowledge brings employees closer together, enabling comfort in asking for assistance or looking for answers. In order to create a strong, close-knit work community, a platform may be established within which useful company related information can be stored, uniquely accessible to employees.


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