Take a fresh look at our analytics.

Take a fresh look at our analytics.

We have always prided ourselves on our analytics suite. Our real time reporting and granular interaction detail allows in-depth analysis of your learning and content. So we are excited to announce we have improved the suite even more with further powerful features to provide you even greater insight.

Keep reading to uncover what is now possible on one of the most powerful analytics platforms in learning.

User Analytics

User Analytics provide an overview of all your users activity. Here you can see the number of stars accrued and spent by each user, the last time they synced and the app version they are currently using. Additionally, this display can be filtered to display only those users in an identified User Group or across several at once.

Further details can be accessed via the ‘Activity Feed’ or the ‘Content Drill Down’ for a detailed view of an individual user’s activity within the app or content completion.

Course Completion

Course Completion displays how your learners are performing with your content. Here you will find global open and success rates from a course level all the way down to individual’s behaviour. You can sort results by User or by User Group as seen below.

Course Completion by User Group

‘Course Completion by User Group’ provides a top-level overview of User Group course activity. This view provides you insights into the number of users per course, the number of users who have unlocked the course, the number of users who have completed the course, the average number of lessons completed and the total number of lessons in the course.

Course Completion by User

Comparatively ‘Course Completion by User’ sorts content interactions by user, displaying your learners user name, full name and the User Group they belong to along with their progress and completion date per course.

Export Capabilities

Course Completion by User and by User Group can be exported to a CSV or XLSX format. User name, First Name, Last Name, User Group, Course, Score, Progress, Lessons completed, Lessons in course, date completed, total duration and time spent are all captured.


Activity Feed

The Activity Feed presents app interactions on a granular level. You can drill down into individual users and see them login, which screens they are on and which content they are viewing. This data may be also be filtered by User Group or date allowing you to stay across any activity on your account.

App Usage Overview

App Usage helps you see how frequently users are logging into the app and which app versions are currently being used.


If you have the Star Bar activated for your users, the Stars page gives you a quick overview of who has how many stars, as well as the number of stars in the entire system.



    • Nick Ross