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Score your Ed Lessons!

This week we are excited to roll out a series of new features for you!

In addition to completion rates, it is also important to know how well your users are retaining information. Lesson scores are a great way to record and keep track of your learners’ progress. Now you can ensure users fully comprehend content before moving on to the next lesson.

Read on to discover what is new on Ed this week such as how to further encourage learner motivation, set a minimum pass score on your lessons, and implement quick lesson summaries.

Scoring Ed Microlearning Key Content

How Scoring Works

Scoring in Ed is based on the stars earned within a lesson. For example, if in an individual run through a lesson, a user earns 7 of the 10 available stars, their score is 70%.

On a course dashboard, you can configure the Minimum Lesson Score. This is the baseline requirement to complete each lesson within the course such as ‘users must achieve 80% or higher’. If you don’t need to ensure your learners achieve a certain score, simply leave the Minimum Lesson Score at zero.

Lesson Feedback Screen

NEW FEATURE: Lesson Feedback Screen

Accompanying scoring is the Lesson Feedback Screen. This screen displays when a user exits a lesson, reiterating the key learning concepts covered. This is an automated summary derived from the ‘takeaways’ present throughout the lesson, and require no additional content authoring on your part!

Also displayed on the Lesson Feedback Screen is the number of stars earned by the learner in the lesson. Already we are seeing this feature encourage learners to revisit their learning content, to increase their own personal best score or to gather all the available stars for use at the Star Bar.

Stars and Microlearning Score Results

How you can Set Up Scoring

Scoring is inbuilt for you!

Applying a Minimum Lesson Score only takes one additional step. Simply, access the Minimum Lesson Score field from the tab More in the course navigation bar.

Microlearning Results

Determine your Pass/Fail level by typing in the percentage of stars a user must earn in order to complete the course.

You may also limit scoring to only a few lessons within a course. To turn on/off scoring on a lesson level, access the More tab from your lesson preview screen, and tick Enable Scoring to apply/remove the Course Minimum Completion Rate to/from this lesson.

Microlearning Results Lesson