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Sales Microlearning

Sales training is essential if you want to increase your company’s bottom line. Good sales training will help your employees improve their interpersonal skills to create better connections with potential customers. It will also allow them to gain a better understanding of their customers’ wants and needs.

It’s been shown that with proper sales training, sales reps are more likely to achieve their quotas, win more sales, better understand customer needs, and remain working for their current employer. With all these benefits, we might want to learn more about different types of training programs out there for sales training.

One thing to consider when choosing a sales training program is whether it incorporates microlearning. As one of the most effective forms of training, microlearning is learning that is put into short, focused lessons that usually take around five to ten minutes to complete. It’s an innovative learning setup that has a plethora of proven benefits.

Sales Training Microlearning Course


Benefits of Microlearning

Microlearning has been shown to be a great way for learners to retain their knowledge. Among the benefits are:

  • Just-in-time learning. This concept ensures that learners are presented the concepts they need to understand at just the right moment as they will have finished all the prerequisites. AI helps in determining when the content is appropriate.
  • Time-saving. Microlearning is perfect for learners with busy schedules, such as those on a sales team who have to juggle multiple tasks at once.
  • Multisensory input. This type of learning is characterized by using video, animations, interactive graphics, and gamification to keep learners actively engaged.
  • Knowledge retention. When information is delivered in topical, bite-sized chunks, lessons become much easier to digest and the likelihood of knowledge retention increases dramatically.

Having touched on the need for sales training and the importance of microlearning, let’s take a look at some sales training programs that are currently available.

Sales Microlearning #1 – Hoffeld Group

One comprehensive sales training program is Virtual Sales Training offered by The Hoffeld Group. This program includes 20 courses covering all facets of sales.

The program includes 145 videos that are each under 10 minutes long. Additionally, there are 165 quizzes and tests as well as 80 real-world simulations. Completing all courses in the program will get you certified in the Hoffeld Group’s selling methodology.

Because it’s virtual, it has many advantages such as being accessible at any time to busy workers. It also advertises itself as cheaper than in-person classes, although the rates will vary and you need to contact them for a quote.

Sales Training Microlearning Course - Hoffeld Group

Sales Microlearning #2 – Sandler Training

Another option for sales training is Sandler Training. They also offer an online training service called Sandler Online.

Sales Training Microlearning Course - Sandler Training

Sandler Online offers courses in three broad categories: sales, leadership & management, and professional development. It emphasizes a massive amount of resources including podcasts, white papers, webinars, and eBooks. All of those resources can be accessed by registering for one of their free accounts, although taking their actual courses are not free.

Like other online courses, Sandler Online focuses on asynchronous learning, as learners can log on at any time they choose to continue their learning. It also makes note of its extensive amount of assessments and the ability to benchmark learners.

Sales Training Microlearning Course #3 – Hoffman Training

Another well-regarded program is from Hoffman Training. These are one-day workshops that focus on one of seven themes: plan, prospect, pitch, discover, negotiate, close, and farm.

The program is not delivered online, however. So participation in the program involves attending workshops held at various locations. That also means that it is more expensive, costing almost $600 to attend. Without the online component, however, many of the benefits of microlearning are not realized.

Sales Training Microlearning Course - Hoffman Training

Sales Microlearning #4 – EdApp

Another place to get great sales training is with EdApp. This online app has many built-in courses for sales training, while also allowing an organization to easily make their own training in an e-Learning format.

Sales Training Microlearning Course - Content Lib

EdApp has all the features of an online learning program that you would expect – and then some. There is rich, interactive content in the form of videos and graphics. There are also numerous assessment types from multiple-choice questions to fill-in-the-blanks. Importantly, there are also social components, such as integration with video call services like Zoom, which allow learners to take advantage of social learning.

Microlearning Template for Sales Training - Fill In the Missing Word

EdApp also takes full advantage of the concept of microlearning. Lessons are split into short modules that can take as little as 5 minutes to complete. Furthermore, sales trainees can receive notifications that serve as spaced repetition. This makes sure that their learning is retained over time.

EdApp Microlearning Tool for Sales Training

Sales Microlearning #5 – Brian Tracy

One more of the best sales training programs is 21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performance by Brian Tracy. This is a 12-week online training program that covers all facets of the sales process.

The program is divided into 24 video training modules, which are meant to be consumed two per week. The modules also include workbooks to go along with the videos, which are intended to review the material. The full course isn’t cheap, though, as it costs nearly $1,000.

Unlike the microlearning strategy of EdApp, this course doesn’t make use of small chunks of learning or spaced repetition. It also doesn’t offer any options for social learning. Instead, learning is mainly left to the learner’s own motivation.

Sales Training Microlearning - Brian Tracy

There are many options for sales training to be found on the internet, although they all vary to the extent in which they leverage the advantages of microlearning. Some programs, like Hoffman’s, are only available offline. Other programs, like 21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performance, don’t take full advantage of the affordances offered by e-Learning.

Out of the programs listed here, one that stands out as fully leveraging an e-Learning environment is EdApp. That’s because it uses microlearning and social learning in conjunction with rich ways to present content. This type of training is sure to resonate with your sales force as they will be actively engaged and continually challenged to recall information they previously learned due to spaced repetitions.

Hopefully this post helps you in making your own decisions about selecting a sales training program!

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