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10 Sales Enablement Training Tips


August 31, 2018



sales enablement training

EdApp’s mobile learning platform is the perfect tool for delivering sales enablement training.

With EdApp, bite-sized, microlearning-style lessons are sent to staff’s own mobile devices, so they can enhance their people skills and learn effective, new customer service techniques quickly and effectively wherever they are. Scheduling conflicts become a thing of the past and out-of-office field workers are no longer a problem.

Managers can simply create short, easy-to-digest courses that help staff learn about the latest products, policies and practices on the go. All they need is their mobile phone.

1. Mobile-First Microlearning

Having training content readily available on a mobile device makes it convenient for salespeople to access at any time during the work day. With almost-ubiquitous smartphone ownership, it’s not hard to see why mobile-based learning is becoming the best way for employers to impart the latest information to their workforce. Ed App’s mobile-first solution is perfect for in-field training, allowing sales teams 24/7 access to the knowledge they need. The bite-sized lessons are perfect for busy workers who only have a few spare minutes to complete a course.

Sales enablement training - Mobile-first Microlearning

2. Ease of Language Translation

Coming soon to Ed App is our A.I- based cloud translation tool which will make translation a breeze. Perfect for your sales enablement training, it will increase the ease of deploying learning content to global sales teams – something that has often been a major issue for sales capability training practitioners. We support over 40 languages including double-byte characters. From our cloud-based eLearning service, your course can be translated in just one click: saving you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in translation-agency fees.

Sales enablement training - Ease of language translation

3. Train Channel Partners

One of the best things about EdApp’s sales enablement training is that it can extend beyond your team and be utilised to train channel partners on the latest products. This opportunity means all channel partners now have access to the latest information about products, merchandise and other commodities – all right at their fingertips – and you can be confident of a steady and consistent brand experience across all channels.

Sales Enablement Training – Train Channel Partners

“Ed has revolutionized the creation, delivery, and impact of education throughout our international organization.Ed has revolutionized the creation, delivery, and impact of education throughout our international organization.Ed has revolutionized the creation, delivery, and impact of education throughout our international organization.Ed has revolutionized the creation, delivery, and impact of education throughout our international organization. From small to large retail outlets, and from large populated cities to very rural locations, we’ve been empowered to deliver our latest product and sales training to our retail partners and internal associates in a manner that was not possible before.”

Lee Scott, Head of Sales Training, Napoleon Grills

4. Easy Authoring

“Author in the morning, deploy in the afternoon”

Sales Enablement Training - Easy Authoring

Our rapid authoring tool makes it easy for anyone to generate original content in minutes. With more than 50 templates to choose from, it’s easy to see how the content created can be fun, fast and engaging. Ed can create the lessons for you. Just upload the required content and let Ed do the rest. With your constant evolving company products and processes, Ed’s easy authoring tool allows for the delivery of quick ‘booster’ lessons to update staff on the latest information. Ed removes the hassle of trying to organise ineffective training meetings, instead just remind staff to log into your latest lesson to hear about new material.

5. Gamification and Prizing

Gamification and prizing is where users earn real rewards for their learning efforts. Badges are added to users’ profiles when milestones are achieved in their learning. Gaming and prizing have been proven as important link to increased user engagement and motivation for learning. It also creates high retention rates for the material learned. This direct recognition for users not only boosts their confidence but rewards them for their efforts.

Sales Enablement Training - Gamification and Prizing

6. Push Notifications

Keeping learners in the loop has never been easier than with Ed. Push notifications mean that even remote teams can be kept informed of learning courses. They also help keep users engaged and remind them of lessons that are yet to be completed. With this instant communication, managers and employees can stay in touch through simple online notifications leaving no one left behind in team progress.

7. Ease of Deployment

The integration of Ed into existing sales systems is seamless and smooth. Deployment of Ed to employees is incredibly easy as all users need to do is download the app and sign up with a unique invite code. In a few quick steps management will have all staff on-boarded with Ed. This ease of on boarding is priceless to managers whose teams are out in the field.

8. Brilliant Reporting

Managers can have peace of mind knowing that user progress can be supervised to ensure staff are gaining the most from Ed. Ed also offers detailed analytics for managers. You can see first-hand the positive impact Ed has across a team. Not only can managers view the overall progress of their team, but they can also see an individual’s completion path. Managers can easily track their employees’ performance and also identify capability gaps.

“Ed provides us with the ability to make L&D part of the everyday way that we work globally, and Ed provides us with the ability to make L&D part of the everyday way that we work globally, and Ed provides us with the ability to make L&D part of the everyday way that we work globally, and Ed provides us with the ability to make L&D part of the everyday way that we work globally, and puts learning within arms reach of every one of our commercial team members as and where they most need it.

Ed gives us the most relevant content, on demand and delivered as much in the workflow as possible.

Kylie Gleeson-Long, Global Director Shopper Marketing Friesland Campina

9. Live Feedback

Live feedback is also offered as part of the Ed experience. Ed offers a wide range of learning templates, including surveys. These templates are incredibly helpful for both users and managers to provide feedback about the courses. Short quick answers are all that’s needed to hear back from staff, and the surveys can be completed anytime. Survey templates let users tell managers how lessons could be improved or if they feel more confident in product knowledge and training.

10. Learn from Peers

Coming soon to Ed is an exciting new feature that will instantly connect users to one another and share thoughts and tips through their Ed journey. Team members can often feel isolated from peers when out on calls all day, but this way users can stay connected, not only with new and updated information, but with each other. Peer learning also provides a collaboration between team members since they can communicate with one another instantly. With this more-personalised way to learn, supervisors can focus on managerial tasks rather than answering constant questions.

Sales Enablement Training Tip #11 – Support of a Variety of Media

Ed authoring tools allows managers to integrate various media into courseware including audio, narrations, videos and images. Effective sales capability training is continually utilising video and other forms of media to make content interactive and enjoyable for users. Therefore, Ed is the perfect solution for skyrocketing engagement levels while employees learn and develop their sales capabilities.

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If you’d like to know more about how EdApp’s mobile learning platform can help your internal training practices or find sales training tips, get in touch at enquiries@edapp.com. You can also try EdApp’s Mobile LMS and authoring tool for free by signing up here.

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