Top 10 SaaS LMS of 2020

Top 10 SaaS LMS of 2020


An LMS is best when offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) for a few reasons, such as it won’t take up space on a company’s servers if it is cloud-based, access to SaaS Learner Management Systems (LMS) is not as restricted as the downloaded versions, cloud-based LMS are always updated and more.

1. EdApp

EdApp is on our list of best SaaS LMS at the number one spot because this learning management system not only allows you to train your entire workforce from its extensive library of editable, world-class courses, but it also has a host of other useful features such as the inclusion of gamification in its microlearning courses, Canva integration, AI translation and many more.

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What if you could get all of these features we spoke about at no charge? Well, you are in luck, because EdApp is completely free for you to train your teams – large and small at an unlimited capacity.

2. Knolyx

Knolyx’s eLearning platform is one of the top SaaS LMS providers on the market. Knolyx’s platform offers various learning types such as self-paced learning, instructor-led training, virtual classrooms, and blended learning. It also boasts a variety of administration and user management options.

SaaS LMS – Knolyx
Knolyx subscribers can browse user lists, manage profiles, permissions and many others. One of the main drawbacks to this SaaS LMS is the cost. Unfortunately, it is not available for free.

3. Dokeos

Dokeos LMS is one of the most user-friendly SaaS LMS systems on the market. It allows you to get a sixty-day demo, but the full program is not free. Dokeos can train employees in various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, banking and others.

SaaS LMS – Dokeos
This LMS can be used to easily design personalized training modules by integrating your own training content into the modules. You will be able to follow the participant’s progress of your course and assess their skills by using questionnaires or scenario-based quizzes. You can connect to Dokeos from anywhere on your computer, tablets, or smartphones.

4. Nimble

Nimble is another easy to use learning management system that takes minutes to set up. The Nimble LMS offers users efficient management systems that they can use to track and review their student’s progress.SaaS LMS – Nimble

In addition to tracking learners’ progress using Nimble, training managers will also have access to learner insights and comprehensive training analytics. Training managers are also allowed to create their courses using Nimble’s free Author software. Do not be mistaken, even though the Nimble Author tool is free, the entire LMS is not.

5. Cortex

Cortex is an Learning Management System example that caters to small to medium organizations. This training system can be personalized in a variety of ways, which is good for you, the content creator. Cortex, like many other SaaS LMS systems, gives employees 24-hour access to learning resources.

SaaS LMS – Cortex
With Cortex, you can track and monitor the progress of the employees and give managers the ability to see their team’s progress. Unfortunately, Cortex may not be able to handle large business training and it is also not a free platform.

6. Looop

With this learning content management system, trainers can educate new employees with relative ease, educate new managers, and provide frontline workers with on-demand training. The resources used by Looop are rich with clear content and can also be created with no hassle by your subject matter experts. Looop users get access to resources at the right time.

SaaS LMS – Looop
As the trainer, you can see which resources were accessed by the trainees and which ones were received with a smile and which ones weren’t. It would be great if this training management tool were being offered for free, but unfortunately, it isn’t.

7. Gyrus

This easy-to-use cloud-based management system has many AI-driven intuitive features combined with its simple integration possibilities to provide a world-class learning experience. Even though it is an employee training platform, its main focus is on compliance and, as such, may not be the best for all aspects of workplace training.

SaaS LMS – Gyrus
With Gyrus, you can manage classrooms, mobile, and electronic learning in a way that meets the compliance needs of your company. Gyrus users can design training paths to improve their learner’s skills, help them develop their careers, and to give them access to these resources from any device.

8. uQualio

uQualio is a video e-learning platform where users can create and publish channels from which they would then publish videos. After the training videos are published, persons can be invited to take the course.

SaaS LMS – uQualio
Unfortunately, this SaaS LMS isn’t free and is severely limited (only 10 persons can be invited to a course), so it is not a suitable option for companies looking to train a workforce. uQualio offers three subscription solutions from which course creators can choose the one that suits them.

9. Skillcast

Skillcast is an elearning LMS that caters to trainers who want to manage ethics and regulatory training compliance for their teams. Due to its focus on compliance, Skillcast is very limited when it comes to workforce training.

SaaS LMS – Skillcast

Skillcast has a course library that covers a wide range of topics such as bribery, health and safety, fraud, equality and more. One unique feature that this LMS SaaS has is its bespoke training content creation team.

10. GoSkills

To close our list, we have the Go Skills LMS. Go Skills has over 70 business courses that are always accessible to students on any device. From these 70 business courses, students can have more than two thousand bite-sized lessons that are taught by award-winning instructors.

SaaS LMS – GoSkills
Go skill as over 300 hours of video content in their library as well. This SaaS LMS utilizes customizable gamification to make learning fun and trackable. It is a good LMS, but it comes with a price.


There are quite a few good SaaS LMS on the list, but EdApp is the cream of the crop for us. Of all of the SaaS LMS providers that we covered today, EdApp was the only one that is free and capable of offering training solutions for workplaces of any size from anywhere in the world. To go along with its world-class editable library, the award-winning platform also has a powerful authoring tool that, when coupled with its built-in PowerPoint converter, makes it the best of the list.