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Retail staff training manual: Create the best with microlearning

The 21st century is a difficult landscape for retailers. With the meteoric rise of services like Amazon and eBay, it can be incredibly difficult to communicate the advantages of visiting a bricks-and-mortar retail store. You need the most effective form of teaching your staff. Here’s how to create the best and most effective retail staff training manual.

The Challenge

Today’s customer is more discerning than ever – 72% of people say they do research before heading into a store, and 66% will be doing research on their smartphones while in the store.

The fundamental problem: under-trained store associates and sales staff, who are simply not knowledgeable enough to help the discerning 21st century customer.

Retail staff training manual - microlearning
Retail staff training manual – Use microlearning to convey information about products and displays in an engaging and effective manner.

Retailers are adapting fast, and although more money than ever is being spent on staff training, its effectiveness is incredibly low. 58% of retail employees in the United States report that their training isn’t effective, and 57% report that it’s either boring or forgettable. In today’s harsh retail climate, those numbers won’t do.

The Answer

According to a survey:

  • 76% of employees report wanting training that is more regular, frequent and quick;
  • 88% of employees want training that is more fun and engaging;
  • and 92% want content that is more relevant to them.

EdApp‘s microlearning-based retail training solution is all of these things – simpler, smarter and more engaging.

Why It Works


Lessons are short and convenient, tailored to the fast paced lives of today’s millennial workforce. Microlearning has been proven in several studies to be more engaging and produce better outcomes than traditional eLearning. Employees find the lessons convenient and easily adaptable to their daily schedule, being able to complete lessons during their commute or in their lunch break.


With daily reminders to remind learners they’ve got incomplete lessons, Ed delivers frequent lessons directly to learners’ devices. This delivery method is called spaced repetition, which is a proven Educational Psychology strategy to improve learner retention.


With our world-class app, able to be used and downloaded freely on all major App Stores, learners are only a few taps away from having the lessons they want, on their favourite device. Gone are the days of PC-Only eLearning. The future is here, and it’s in the pockets of retail employees.


Content is easily authored, with our rapid authoring tool able to render content in hours – not days, weeks or months. No coding is required – you don’t even have to install any new software on your computer to begin authoring. Don’t believe us? Try our authoring tool yourself, now, for free.


Most importantly, with our detailed analytics, you can see exactly how engaging and retainable your mobile friendly, Millennial-tailored lessons really are.


Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what Pandora’s Andres Cordoba Mazabel said, after the retailer switched to Ed’s Microlearning platform:

“We enjoyed completion rates of over 80%, and 90% of learners prefer Ed to the existing elearning system.”

Retail staff training manual: the next step

Interested in improving your staff training solution? get in touch at You can also try EdApp’s Mobile LMS and authoring tool for free by signing up here or in the box below.

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