Microlearning for product knowledge

Microlearning for product knowledge

Product knowledge is essential for sales teams. Whether they’re spread throughout the world or distributed across one town, keeping staff up to date is a headache that needs to be addressed. The issue is particularly difficult for companies with high staff turn over or a constantly-changing consumer goods inventory. Fortunately, there is an answer: below we look at reasons why using microlearning for product knowledge is an effective solution.

Microlearning for new products and brand consistency

As companies grow, keeping a consistent branding message across branches is important… but difficult. How do you maintain a consistent message all the way through a distribution chain? Furthermore, companies that have a fast-moving product portfolio need to constantly update their staff when new products are introduced. This frequently needs to occur across borders and at scale. Think of an FMCG company that has a global sales team which is introducing new products on a monthly basis: it can take more time to organise training than the lifespan of some products!

Microlearning delivered via mobile learning is an effective solution. The delivery of small, five-minute lessons regarding new product specifications across large teams is simple to achieve. There are some great examples of product training microlessons here.

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A potential difficulty that could arise from this approach relates to engagement. This is where gamification can come into play. By making learning competitive and offering real rewards for completion and high performance, learners will become even more engaged in the courseware and completion rates will balloon.

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