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Product Detailing With Ease

Product training is an ongoing and constant requirement, especially within sales functions with a constant flow of new product development.

Quality and effective training is of course invaluable. A sales representative with thorough product knowledge is almost 90 percent more likely to complete a sale.
But with representatives and account staff frequently unavailable for detailed face-to-face training, delivering product training on mobile provides a highly effective solution.

However, the ability to display large complex images commonly required of new product launches is a longstanding challenge in mobile training.

A new initiative from Ed distributes detailed images to your learners’ fingertips, delivered in the microlearning format they are accustomed to on Ed. Learners are able to learn technical details while also understanding the feature’s contribution to the overall functionality of a product, all from the palm of their hand.

Product Detailing

Let’s have a look at how one of our templates, Image Waypoints, answers this complication of displaying large detailed images on mobile devices.

Effective display of both detailed features and overall functionality

The templates unique waypoint feature guides users across an image delivering complex and detailed images in a digestible yet comprehensive way. The option to add captions with each zoom zone also provides means to further describe or label images.

Display multiple file formats of any size and shape on mobile

Illustrations, photographs, diagrams or images of any size and shape may be uploaded. The templates mechanics guarantee images are delivered optimized for their mobile device, avoiding user reliance on the tired pinch and zoom technique. For example, a landscape image can easily be viewed in detail without the need to turn the device to landscape mode. Image Waypoints therefore presents no restrictions to size or shape of your file.


A tailored implementation for Product Training

Image Waypoints is an easy way for employees to effectively learn product details. A sales representative, for instance, may use an Image Waypoints slide to brush up on key selling points or refresh their knowledge of a product within the few minutes before a sales call. From understanding change curves to learning key selling points, Image Waypoints can assist the knowledge transfer and exploration of new product features.

So what does this mean for you?

Ed unlocks opportunities of product microlearning on mobile, by providing an effortless and detailed knowledge base for sales employees.

With templates such as Image Waypoints you can now display individual parts of a product simultaneously with the overall picture – an act typically limited on a mobile’s small screen. Ed delivers technical drawings and diagrams without sacrificing detail and user experience, sans desktop.

With Ed tools such as Image Waypoints, key information is delivered to your learners’ fingertips and product features remain top of mind.

Start improving product detail recall rates and increase confidence levels amongst your sales staff now with EdApp.

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