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New Template: Timed Multiple Choice

Multiple choice templates are among the most used on Ed when it comes to reinforcing learning concepts. These templates utilise a tried and true method measuring comprehension, so are easy and natural for learners and Instructional Designers alike to implement.

One of the new templates this week, Timed Multiple Choice, provides you the ability to introduce an additional challenge to multiple choice. Time pressure.


With Timed Multiple Choice, you can present a series of questions to your learners that must be completed in less than 10 seconds, or anytime you designate. The added time pressure simulates a game-like environment to increase user enjoyment and engagement with material.

Racing against the clock also enforces rapid thought and active recall rates to entrench facts in your learner’s mind. Particularly suited to product training, Timed Multiple Choice reinforces those facts and figures required by Salespeople to be able to recall easily top of mind.


Our Instructional Design Team are continually developing innovative ways to develop strategies that promote knowledge retention and make the learning process increasingly more efficient. Be sure to watch this space for new templates.