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New Template: Sentence Construction

Looking to reinforce key sales messages or product scripts?

The Sentence Construction template is a great example of Ed’s world class rapid authoring, requiring very limited configuration. Simply type in a sentence and optional decoy word(s) and Ed’s mechanics will do the rest for you!

Create a scrambled collection of words for your users to drag and arrange into a sentence, nearly instantly.

Featured Application 1: Sales

Sentence Construction is great for teaching floor staff key sales phrases. It is also a great template to instill sales scripts, telephone greetings or key phrases that encompass a company’s identity.

For example, Apple requires their staff to use key phrases when interacting with customers and they have some of the best customer service scores because of it. Sentence Construction is a simple and effective way to help your learners recite these phrases and improve your customer service.


Sentence Construction is great for teaching key sales phrases.

Featured Application 2: Linguistics

The behavior of constructing sentences or phrases lends itself well to teaching languages, making Sentence Construction a soon to be go-to template for linguistic courses. By constructing sentences from a pool of scrambled words, learners are required to recall and apply grammatical rules in addition to vocabulary.


Use with linguistic courses to enforce grammatically correct sentence structures.

This template lends itself well for both linguistic and sales courses. However, effective implementation is not limited to either. We look forward to seeing how you use this template to achieve your training goals.