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New Template: Image Map

New Template: Image Map

Ed Microlearning’s new Image Map template offers Instructional Designers the ability to engage learners more effectively, delivering both small and large amounts of content in an entertaining and interactive way. One of our most versatile and flexible templates to date, the Image Map template can be used for interactivity, sharing stories, product walkarounds, and more – an Instructional Designer’s imagination is truly the limit.

New Template: Image Map

Unlike the Image Waypoints template, which only allows text and narration to be displayed, the new Image Map template allows an author to upload an image, define hotspots, and link each hotspot to another image. The template can also include narration, to further contextualise and reinforce the knowledge transfer.

By engaging with images, learners can gain a greater appreciation for lesson content, which can help them retain information more effectively. Additionally the template ensures a learner has viewed all content before allowing them to progress past the slide.

Here’s some examples of the template being used for a range of applications:

Click here to view this example lesson on a mobile device.

If you’re ready to start authoring, head over to Ed Academy to learn more about how to get started with this new template.

How have you used the Image Map template? Are you having any issues? Feel free to send us an email and let us know – hello@edapp.com.

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