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New Template: Image Gallery

Introducing another great addition to the Ed Template Library. This week’s featured template, Image Gallery, can be adapted for a range of content solutions.

This week’s featured template, Image Gallery, is a valuable addition to the range of Ed content slides. The structure of an image and text format provides your Instructional Designers with a large amount of flexibility when it comes to populating this template with your content.

Image Gallery presents an image with text on a horizontally sliding carousel. The combination of text and images effectively speaks to your visually inclined learners, creating visual associations for the content you are asking your users to learn. Like with all our templates, this template also utilising interactive functions to promote kinesthetic learning. The physical action of swiping between slides to reveal more snippets of information, maintains your users engagement and attention. Additionally, by breaking up content and images into individual slides your users are unable to easily skip over content.

Essentially, this template delivers images one at a time so that your learners can easily absorb the information you are asking them to learn.
Use this template to outline unique selling points for new products, provide explanations for icons, identify symbols, label or provide an explanation for an image… you are only limited by your imagination.


Our Instructional Design Team are continually developing innovative ways for you to ask your users questions in a way that promotes high knowledge and retention rates. Be sure to watch this space to keep up with new templates.