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New Template: Image Collection

It is known that visual aids transmit a message faster and improve comprehension. This week’s featured template, *Image Collection*, joins a large family of image gallery templates on Ed.


Image Collection is one of a few new templates added to the Ed Template Library this week. With functionality reminiscent of flash cards, the template’s mechanics ask your users to tap an item to enlarge the image and reveal a short description, label or explanation.

Presented in a grid-like format, the template’s unique differentiating factor is the ability to display up to eight images simultaneously on a single screen. By displaying multiple images users can extrapolate relationships and make differentiating comparisons.

As our brains are pre-wired to automatically interpret relationships between objects, Image Collection facilitates rapid comprehension with minimal effort. Whether you utilize the template for photos, illustrations, charts, maps or diagrams, Image Collection is founded on scientifically proven methodologies for increased knowledge transfer.


Images are the key to improving knowledge retention among users, with 60% of the population visual learners. Consequently, our Instructional Design Team is continually developing new and innovative ways to transfer knowledge with visual based templates that make the learning process increasingly more efficient and enjoyable. Be sure to watch this space for new templates.