New Template: Find A Word Game

EdApp Microlearning has always promised an ever expanding template gallery, and the new find a word game template lets authors include even more gamification in their lessons.

Gamification is one of the pillars of Ed. Studies have confirmed our own experiences – games both improve the learner experience and learner outcomes. We are really excited to release the find-a-word game to add to our ever expanding list of templates.

The find-a-word game allows authors to reinforce key words from a lesson. Use it to summarise key chunks of information or give learners key words for customer-facing conversations. As building retention around key sales scripts is vital for sales staff, find-a-word is a powerful addition for retailers. Along with other keyword retention templates like sentence construction, and missing word, conceptual templates like the new Find-A-Word template are vital in achieving this goal.

find a word game

The template can be used to reward learners who have done a good job of remembering the most important points of a lesson. Ed’s customisable reward and question weight options can be configured to give learners a motivational reward in the form of stars. These can be redeemed at the Star Bar for all sorts of prizes.

Intrinsic motivation and gamified learning styles have been implemented in Ed’s Find-A-Word game template. Studies have shown that this can improve learner retention and motivation by over 80%. Additionally, learners will be more compelled to repeat the game to improve their score, leading to higher retention and, most importantly, higher learner enjoyment.

The best way to understand how the new template can help you is to try it yourself – give it a go below!

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