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New Template: 3 applications of the Connect Template

Are you using our Template Library to it’s full capacity? Many of our templates are highly adaptable providing you with a multitude of applications.

Let’s look at how you can use the same template, *Connect*, in several ways.

Flexibility of content


With the *Connect* template, you can use text, images or both.

The Connect template may be used to draw connections between text, images or both as seen in the example above. Asking your users to physically drag lines between items builds cognitive bridges between keywords or products, further rooting them in memory.

Incorporating multimedia


The educational video aids users to connect the wrong phrases with the correct alternative.

Like many of our interactive templates, the inclusion of multimedia files with your lessons is incredibly easy. Above, a video file has been used in place of a traditional question and answer format. This not only changes up the rhythm and retains a learners interest in a course, but also allows users to interact with the slide and video content simultaneously.

Image to image match


Listening to a customer order their food while connecting images of the menu items with their place on the menu.

Matching images, or flash cards, is a tried and true learning method. A point of difference between using image-to-image in Connect to that of our Memory game, is the ability to form connections with all images visible. Connections may be drawn and redrawn between images until the user is satisfied with their response. The above example also features audio for learners to respond to, further demonstrating the versatility of this template.

How have you used the Connect template in your lessons? Let us know how on hello@edapp.com