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New Service: Convert your content to Microlearning

It’s really exciting to be a part of the microlearning revolution and it gives us great pleasure to watch what our clients can do with the platform.

And now to make it even easier to convert existing longform content into brilliant microlearning, we’re thrilled to announce a new service that will allow you to turbo-charge this transformation and get learning faster. Simply upload content you want to see in microlearning and let the team at Ed take care of the heavy lifting.

Ed content conversion

We love seeing how rapidly new microlearning is being developed using our platform and now we have a great way to shape existing courseware into this exciting format.

Simply use the link below to upload your content. We accept all types of files; PDF, PPT, SCORM, anything your existing content is written in.
Within hours you will receive a competitive quote for the team at Ed to translate your existing material into engaging microlessons, games and interactive elements. Easy!

Rest assured this is more than just breaking up existing courses into smaller lessons. We take a granular approach, with each lesson advancing on from the last to build up knowledge. The team at Ed are skilled in constructing course plans that achieve key learning objectives with lessons that only take a few minutes each day for your learners to complete (or at a frequency to suit your goals).

We will also construct lessons to facilitate spaced repetition and ensure you get the most from our mobile first approach. As the Ed team is highly familiar with our unique authoring tool the best templates, gamification elements and push notification setup is kept top of mind when creating your courses.

With the assistance of Ed, you can have your legacy courseware as a microlearning mobile first course ready to deliver in no time at all.

Upload your content

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