New Game Template: JeopEdy

We know on EdApp’s games uplift energy and motivation for your learners. They are also a great way to reinforce facts and concepts. Similar to other games in the Template Library, *JeopEdy* strengthens learning by forcing recall of key concepts and facts into a time-pressured game.

Just like the American game-show, ‘Jeopardy!‘ questions on EdApp’s JeopEdy are valued on their difficulty. The harder the concept, the more points your learners can gain. However, unlike its TV game-show counterpart, when a user answers incorrectly the game finishes, thus limiting their ability to earn further points and rewards. Users are therefore required to balance risk and reward while learning. As users will be motivated by the need to maximise their score, it’s an intelligent way to entice repeat plays and consequently entrench lesson content further.


Research has shown us that games requiring only a few minutes of play at a time yet encourage repeat play, are best for helping learners remember. While you can set the length of a game to coincide with the duration of a course, the nature of JeopEdy sees users playing in shorts bursts, spaced over the week. For example, the game could be used to upkeep learner’s interest throughout a course and reinforcing concepts and facts over and over again outside the lesson format.

The structure of this template facilitates quick and easy setup. Simply provide true/false statements and EdApp does the rest for you. Within minutes, you will have an interactive, gripping game for your learners.


Games provide motivation for learners and are a great way to keep your learners’ attention in what may be a less interesting subject. At Ed, we are continually developing new game templates for the Template Library, so that you can continue to keep your learners engaged. Watch this space to stay in the know for when new game templates are added.

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