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New Feature: Integrated Media Templates

One of the largest benefits of Ed’s unique Authoring Tool is its ability to handle media, like video and sound, and subsequently reinforce knowledge with interactive templates.

However, it has always been a goal to achieve this same level of interaction concurrently with knowledge transfer.

This week we are pleased to announce a new feature that allows multimedia to co-exist on most of our interactive templates.

Combining the strength of our engaging interactive templates with media like video and audio has been an ongoing discussion in our community. Whilst it was typical to run these templates consecutively, Ed now enables the integration of media and interactive templates.

We’ve already seen users utilize these integration capabilities in a wide variety of applications. Whether it’s presenting scenario based decision-making or product training, presenting media in the same moment as reinforcement occurs delivers real benefit for knowledge transfer and retention.

Cognitive Benefits

The combination of multimedia and interactive tasks produces unparalleled cognitive results. This is because your learners now can view a video or listen to narration while simultaneously interacting with the content, before progressing to a new slide.

While following up media with quiz style questions is an established behavior at Ed, this new tool enables the coupling of mediums all within the one slide. By delivering these important learning components on the same screen, you can force video/audio completion rates and improve comprehension. When reinforcing knowledge before learners leave a slide you can ensure knowledge retention is established quickly. Your learners will also enjoy the ability to replay media to grasp concepts further and aid in their response.

Four Simple Examples

1. Audio with the Reorder Template


Audio injects a great sense of personality and realism into your lessons. Here we have integrated an audio snippet to teach scenario based decision-making skills to sales staff. In the example above, the audio can convey a typical customer request, with learners then required to to rank products in the correct order recommendation. A unique feature of displaying media and interactive comprehension concurrently, enables learners to revisit the content – in this case the audio – several times to help digest and respond accordingly.

2. Video with the Multiple Choice Template


Here we have combined a product feature video with the Multiple Choice Template. The slide asks sales staff to identify the features from the video that pertain to the product. The use of video enables complex concepts and technologies to be conveyed, followed up with comprehension questions to ensure the knowledge has been accurately conveyed.

3. Audio with the Categorise Template


The use of an audio snippet in combination with the Categorise Template enables learners to view the knowledge that will be asked of them and actively listen for the required facts.

4. Video with the Connect Template


The Connect Template is widely used across the Ed community. Learners now enjoy the ability to watch video and interact with content simultaneously, even revising their answers throughout the video.

Available Now

Multimedia has always been a popular method to enhance learning on Ed and now you can combine them with Ed’s engaging interactive slides, to deliver knowledge transfer and retention in the same moment.

We look forward to seeing how you capitalize on this new feature.


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