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New Feature: In-Lesson Navigation

While microlessons are designed to be completed in one go, at Ed we understand that a busy workforce will inevitably have unforeseen interruptions. With in-lesson navigation, learners have even more control over their learning experience and can easily review previous slides or entire lessons should a distraction occur.

From within an open lesson, users can now access the in-lesson navigation by tapping on the menu icon in the top right corner. Once tapped, learners are able to review a previous slide, exit or restart the lesson. This will give learners the opportunity to quickly review content if they’re ever derailed mid-lesson.


Please note that the ability to restart or ‘go back’ in a lesson is not offered in lessons that have scoring enabled. In such lessons, Ed recommends including a quick disclosure in your intro slide. Please reach out to your Ed team for suggestions should you have any questions.