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New Feature: HD Video with Vimeo

Video is an important learning tool. Its ability to convey the equivalent of 1.8 million words with one minute of video makes it exceptionally powerful for micro learning (Forrester).

A strength of our Ed platform, therefore, is the ability for you to add custom videos directly to your courseware with YouTube or direct upload. We are now pleased to announce further advancements to our video offering, including the support of Vimeo.


Vimeo is a video-sharing website in which users can upload, share and view videos. Just like our existing integration with YouTube, this new feature significantly reduces the size and download times of your courses.

Vimeo’s great distinguisher is its ability to support high-definition video. Now with Ed, you can deliver these HD videos direct to your learners’ palm.

This feature comes in addition to our existing YouTube and upload capabilities, providing greater content access and integration ease when it comes to using video as a learning tool in your Ed courses.

Template support

In addition to our video specific templates, which exclusively exhibit YouTube and now Vimeo video content, you can utilize video in several multiple choice interactive slides and games.


Embedding video content to a template such as Multiple Choice enables learners to simultaneously view a video and interact with the slide. This not only forces higher engagement and comprehension but also initiates immediate reinforcement.

Click here to explore our new functionalities within the LMS. We look forward to watching the creative ways in which you use video in your lessons. Happy learning!


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