Advanced roles and permissions

New Feature: Advanced Roles and Permissions

Ed’s brand new advanced roles and permissions allow you to have fine-grain control of user and administrator permissions. The new controls enable larger teams to better organise themselves, and allow you to give access to the platform for those who need it.

This new feature can enable administrators to, for example, give their managers access to analytics, or give instructional designers access to the authoring studio. These new finer controls enhance the security and agency you have over your content – only giving access to those who need to have it.

If you’re a store manager, you can check your staff’s learning and development progress in real-time using Ed’s advanced analytics suite. Or, if you’re using external instructional designers, you can give access to only the authoring tool – cutting off access to analytics and other data that could expose more information than is necessary.

There are several new roles and permissions that the account owner can assign:

  • Analytics Viewer has access to the analytics pages on the LMS
  • Content Author has access to editing learning content (courses, lessons, briefcase documents) and course analytics.
  • User Manager has access to edit users & user-groups
  • Prizing Manager has access to edit the prizing configuration & prizing/stars analytics
  • Learner has access to the app, interactions are tracked
  • Account Administrator has access to all permissions.
  • Reviewer has access to all learning content in the app.

The account owner has access to all areas, and cannot be added or removed – this is the user that originally signed up to Ed. Additionally, users can have multiple roles – allowing greater flexibility.

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