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New Feature: Add a countdown timer to any interactive slide

Time pressure can play an effective role in learning, from amplifying cognitive performance to training your learners up for real-world situations.

Now with Ed, a countdown timer can be added to of any of Ed’s interactive templates.

Keep reading to learn how you can improve focus and motivation with Ed’s latest gamification feature.


1. Improve cognitive performance and memory

Moderate, short-lived stress has been shown to improve attention, performance and even memory[1]. By applying a countdown timer to a selection of interactive slides, Ed Authors are able to alert learners to important content and bring them into a game-like environment where they can more effectively process and recall information.

With the application of game-like features in your microlearning, such as countdown timers, you can enhance your learners’ motivation to engage with content, creating courses that are both more enjoyable and effective.

2. Replicate real-world scenarios

Learners, whether they are sales associates or marketing managers, will often need to quickly and effectively respond to questions and challenges. A retailer, for example, is expected to respond to a customer’s product enquiry within just a few seconds, whereas a site manager may need to simultaneously assess the safety of unloading an unscheduled shipment while other products are being moved through the warehouse floor. These scenarios not only require the individual to make an informed decision, but involve added pressure and the stress of time.

Use Ed templates in conjunction with a short timer in order to replicate these situations to help your learners practice and sharpen their reflexes and ability recall information correctly under pressure.


1 Kaufer, D. (2015)