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More additions to the Ed Template Library

Here at Ed, we are continually developing new ways for you to transfer knowledge and keep your learners engaged.

Our Library is full of templates that produce high engagement rates and promote retention on mobile devices, which we continue to innovate.

This week we are excited to release three new templates:

Against the Clock

Against the Clock, provides you the ability to introduce an additional challenge to multiple choice. Time pressure. With Against the Clock, you can present a series of questions to your learners that must be completed before the timer runs out. The added time pressure simulates a game-like environment to increase user enjoyment and engagement with material.

Read more about this template here.


Pick the Image

A simple variation on one of Ed’s most popular interactive templates, Pick the Image allows visual reinforcement within a common multiple choice format. Utilise this template to cater to a range of learning styles, notably appealing to your more visually inclined learners.


Text Sequence

Text Sequence requires users to tap the screen in order to proceed through text. With each tap more text is revealed, keeping your learners attentive and actively learning. The interactive component of this knowledge content template keeps your users engaged with larger passages of text. Ed further ensures content is read, by delaying content reveal.