microlearning to teach technical skills

Microlearning to Teach Technical Skills

In the past, micro-learning was widely used to improve non-technical (soft) skills such as communication skills, problem-solving skills, leadership skills, and so on. This has slowly changed because many organizations all over the world are now micro teaching technical skills. 

Technical or hard skills are teachable skills which are needed to perform specific tasks. Basically, these are skills which help organizations maintain a competitive edge.

Common Examples of Technical Skills

These days, many industries rely on workers with technical knowledge. Here are common examples of hard skills:

It’s important to note that, hard skills vary between organizations, industries, and job types. For instance, customer service reps may need hard skills relating to telephone systems and customer management tools. Teachers might need hard skills related to software applications used in student monitoring and grading.

You will agree that training employees on the above skill sets is not easy. However, what every trainer should understand is that, technical skills are best retained when training is timely, quick, and actionable.

Why Microlearning Is the Right Choice To Build Technical Skills

Micro learning is ideally suited for employees with short attention spans

Many people rarely concentrate on long training sessions, especially when it comes to learning technical subjects. This makes micro learning the perfect option for imparting tech skills. Furthermore, most employees nowadays are gadget-savvy and use a range of mobile gadgets, and this makes bite-sized courses a great choice to deliver technical training.     

Bite-sized courses are perfect for imparting technical skills via mobile devices

The internet is progressively becoming more mobile. The growth in the use of the “mobile internet” is pushing companies to deliver technical skills development programs via tablets and smart phones. Usually, the short duration and concise nature of micro learning modules make it ideal for use on mobile gadgets.

Learning nuggets can address varying levels of technical skill requirements

It is a well-known thing that the technical skill requirements of workers in a particular organization are not of the same level. For some employees, basic skills are enough to execute their roles, while others may require sophisticated. Many organizations are creating web-based learning courses, comprising of varying bite-sized learning modules to pass on technical skills of varying levels.

For instance, some of these modules can handle the basics of a subject, while others can take care of advanced concepts. Employees can consume the modules relevant to them and leave out the rest.   

Bottom Line

These are not the only reasons why micro-learning is the ideal method for imparting technical skills to your workforce. As a matter of fact, micro-learning can be applied in teaching almost every type of skills.

How do you plan to use micro learning modules to enhance your staff’s technical skills? We would love to know.

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