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4 Areas where businesses can use microlearning for teaching soft skills

Microlearning is an effective way for businesses to teach employees about matters that enable them to be more successful in the workplace. It can help employees with job-specific knowledge and technical skills but also the soft skills. Here are four areas where businesses can use microlearning for teaching soft skills.

Social Skills

Microlearning provides a way for employers to help employees learn better social skills. This could involve lessons on how to properly greet customers, cooperate with other employees and provide positive feedback to peers.

People Skills

As an extension to social skills, microlearning can help employees better relate to other people – especially those in the service industry. Employees can also learn to be more empathetic and more patient with customers that are unruly or out of hand.

Communication Skills

Microlearning can help employees with their communication skills. It can help them learn how to effectively create a memo, email, or other form of written communication. It can also help them find better ways to communicate issues with their subordinates, peers or superiors. It can teach them how to manage constructive criticism and subsequently avoid conflict in the workplace.

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Emotional Intelligence

Microlearning can also help employees recognize problematic emotional issues in themselves or others. They can learn to read the reactions of co-workers and customers and react more effectively.

Learning about other people’s reactions can be an effective guide to one’s own behaviour and mannerisms – even an eye-opening one. Furthermore, with many businesses having their employees spread out over multiple regions it makes sense to send soft skill training to them, rather than gather workers into one place at one time for traditional training – a logistical nightmare.

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