microlearning definition

Microlearning definition

Microlearning is one of the most effective forms of learning and, in recent times, has become the backbone of many corporate training and retail training programs. In this article we’ll examine the microlearning definition according to its use in company training.

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is the breaking down to lessons, topics and subjects into easily-digestible, bite-sized chunks. Human short-term memory can only hold up-to five pieces of information before getting pushed out or overwritten by new information. Microlearning’s concise targeting of information leads to better learning outcomes, improved knowledge retention and embedding.

Microlearning definition: What lies beyond?

Microlearning opens the doors to many other forms of learning. We look at a few of them below in this expanded view of our microlearning definition.

Spaced Repetition

Spaced Repetition is a very effective form of learning. But repeating lengthy, un-engaging courses and lessons is not practical. Microlearning, however, enables learners to re-take lessons until knowledge is embedded.

Peer Learning

In a corporate environment, developing training courses is a long, time-consuming and expensive affair that requires specialist course creators. This makes peer learning very difficult. However, with microlearning, workers can easily make short lessons for their co-workers (which are more engaging and effective). Especially if they use a template-driven authoring tool which allows basic questions and answers to be displayed as interactive, gamified microlessons.

Just in Time Training (JITT)

Delivering training lessons on-demand can be very effective. This is impractical with long eLearning courses but with a short microlesson, training can be delivered minutes before it is needed.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning or m learning is learning that takes place on a mobile device. While most eLearning software functions on smartphones, the user experience is poor. However, with microlearning, it’s simple to distribute mobile-optimised lessons via the cloud and have them operate in a far more engaging manner.

microlearning definition - mobile learning
Mobile learning should be part of any microlearning definition.


Turning learning into a gamified experience is a dream – learning stops feeling like learning and retention is enhanced. However, game development is expensive, complex and time consuming. However, using microlearning-based game templates, it’s possible to add regular questions and answers to existing game templates which make even the most boring lessons fun to complete.

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