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Micro Learning and Mobile: A Great Partnership

Micro-moments are becoming a part of our life and smartphones are the devices enabling them. Whether it’s quickly checking Twitter, scanning the news or sending emails, more often or not we do this on our mobiles.

However, microlearning does not have to take place on a mobile. There are also mobile learning courses that do not utilise microlearning. In other words, the two do not have to work together. That said; they are the perfect match.

When marrying micro learning with mobile learning, not only do learning and knowledge retention rates increase, but benefits are experienced by Instructional Designers and learners alike.

Benefits to Learning

Learning in bite-sized chunks is clinically proven as an extremely effective way of learning. When delivered on a mobile device, users have shown to learn quicker and retain the information for longer. Here are just a few of the benefits combining micro learning on mobile devices have on learning;

  • Improves cognitive scores
    People are constantly interacting with their phones, either tapping, scrolling or typing, making mobile the ideal platform to facilitate active learning. By complementing theory with physical motions, you can reinforce the knowledge and skills covered in your micro lessons and increase knowledge retention.
  • Increased engagement
    The distance you are from your screen, alters your perception of its size and consequently your ability to focus on it. Although the mobile screen is small, it is close to you in distance narrowing your periphery and chance of distraction. Users are therefore more focused when learning on mobile screens.
  • Natural fit for gamification
    Gamification has a more natural fit on mobile, providing unique opportunities for push notifications, games and reward incentives. Gamification is especially effective when coupled with micro-learning, encouraging user involvement and motivation to complete courses with stars and status achievements.
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Benefits to Instructional Designers

Instructional Designers want tools that aid them in building easy-to-use lessons that produce good results.
Here is how Ed’s mobile learning management system utilizes micro and mobile learning to help you achieve this:

  • Easy to maintain and update Updating a mobile learning course is a straightforward process. Once the update is complete it can be pushed to a user’s device, so is available immediately. Micro learning also facilitates easy maintenance and updating of courses. This is because you can update or change individual lessons without impacting on the rest of the course.
  • Cost effective Creating a mobile learning course is a cost effective method of production. In addition, learning architect Ray Jimenez states micro learning courses can be produced in 300% less time at 50% less cost than traditional courses. As content is designed in ‘chunks’, it is flexible to repurpose and deliver personalised learning.
  • Low levels of customer support One of the reasons that people use their phones so much is that they are easy to use. As people are comfortable with phone functionality, you will receive less technical support questions than you would if the course were presented on a computer.
Learn on the go

Benefits for The Learner

There are also direct benefits to the learner of completing a course on a mobile that use micro learning techniques:

  • On the go
    Because the course is on their mobile, users can continue a lesson anytime and anywhere. The micro learning format also facilitates the learners need to be agile. For example, learning in ‘chunks’ allows users to complete a lesson on their commute to work or while waiting for dinner.
  • Less planning required
    When using a computer for learning, you have to set aside time. Mobile learning courses are much more fluid and flexible, which fits perfectly with the micro learning model. Learners can also complete a lesson whenever they want as they always have their phones with them. This is unlike any other form of technology, including laptops or tablets.
  • Easy to use
    As already mentioned, people use their phones every day for a variety of different tasks, so they are comfortable with the device. Everything from installing apps to navigating the content is natural and intuitive.

Mobile learning and micro learning work so well together that it is easy to mistake them as being the same concepts. They’re not, but like you can with Ed, pairing them up will get you the best results in knowledge retention, with benefits enjoyed by Instructional Designers and your users alike.