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High Speed Training with your LMS


At Ed, we value the need to deliver lessons that not only can be completed quickly but also produced and rendered as fast as possible. Our microlearning LMS is efficient as it is effective, satisfying both the employee and employer.

Whether it is the time it takes to complete a lesson, create a course or see knowledge results – learners, Instructional Designers and company leaders alike demonstrate a ‘need for speed.’

Microlearning delivered on mobile is a great solution. Not only does it improve knowledge retention rates, but is also efficient as it is effective. Our mobile LMS platform Ed helps you offer ‘fast learning,’ creating a number of benefits to learners and to the organisations delivering the courses.

5 Tips for keeping your learning at high speed with your LMS

1. Performance is essential to audience retention

Smartphones, and indeed networks, are constantly driving for improved performance.

Apple for example, are continually developing their SoC chip, becoming more powerful with each smartphone release. Take note of the recent Apple launch; their new iPhone SE is advertised with the promise as the fastest 4-inch device yet.

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*Facebook’s Intant Articles create an alternative to slow mobile Web load times*

Similarly, both Google and Facebook realise this desire for performance. In the last year each have released initiatives that work towards a better mobile web experience for all users, by increasing speed.
+ Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project aims to establish performance baselines that prioritise speed and page loading performance. The project, which is designed to ensure minimal loading time while browsing on mobile, is said to improve performance by up to 85%.
+ Facebook have also developed features to ensure a fast and interactive experience for their users. Instant Articles allows publishers to host content directly on the Facebook mobile app, rather thank linking to an article on an external website. This way users can access and read articles in their News Feed without being directed out of the mobile app – an answer to the problem of slow mobile Web load times.

With these three tech giants focused on speed, it is obvious response time is a crucial element to mobile learning. Especially as today’s leaners are easily disgruntled with slow loading times. A Kissmetrics study reports 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

At Ed, we therefore spend a lot of time ensuring our templates are lightning fast with industry leading load times. Due to the linear nature of Ed lessons, we are able to pre-load an upcoming slide while the current slide is in play. A mechanism in which ensures a seamless lesson progression and fast experience for the user. This is an essential factor to retain an audience in today’s dynamic fast-paced culture.


*Whilst a user is interacting with one slide, the next slide has already preloaded in the background to ensure maximum performance*

2. Increase Employee efficiency with High Speed Training

When employees are asked to attend training courses the response is commonly negative. Not because they are unwilling to improve and learn new skills, but because it poses threat to their already busy workday. Fast learning solutions solve this problem.

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Microlearning delivers short concise lessons that facilitate a more positive work/life balance. It’s utilisation demonstrates to employees that their time and contributions made to the company are valued. Mobile LMS solutions such as Ed reduce the sacrifice of personal time learners make in order to advance their careers. The format of microlearning delivers a lean lesson with only the relevant or key information, increasing the speed in which it takes for a learner to complete lessons – a clear response to the diminished attention span of humans today.

As of 2012, the average attention span of human beings dropped below that of a goldfish.

With microlearning delivered on mobile devices, Ed allows employees to learn on their own time in an achievable and manageable way.

3. High Speed Authoring with your training LMS

As discussed in the above point, microlearning takes up less time for your employees to complete training and development. However, microlearning is also more efficient for employers and Instructional Designers too.

Ed can cut production costs by up to 50% while reducing development time by 300%.

Ed is an intuitive LMS allowing you to deliver high quality mobile and micro learning lessons. Our unique authoring tool and vast Template Library, enables you to easily create lessons in the most efficient way possible.

Our content neutral templates are ready for you to populate, meaning you too can experience reduced demanded time commitments.

4. Content is relevant and adaptable

Traditional training and development methods are costly and time consuming to produce. Exasperated further by the possibility of newfound abilities becoming obsolete or inadequate by the time people have completed a training course or mastered a new skill. ‘Fast learning’ tools and techniques limit the impact of this disheartening reality.

With the modular nature of microlearning, Ed’s content is easy to interchange and adapt with quick updates. You can even make changes to lessons in the LMS that are immediately reflected on a learners’ device, providing you the means to deliver timely, relevant and up-to-date information to your learner’s fingertips in record time.

5. High Speed improvement and LMS implementation

In lieu of weeklong training workshops, microlearning only takes a few minutes each day, meaning learners can implement knowledge learned almost immediately into their workday. Microlearning enables employees to learn as they work, constantly improving performance and productivity.