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Introduction to the Image Slider template

A new Content template, on the surface the Image Slider template has the same basic learning function as Image Gallery and Image Collection – authors can display a collection of images to learners, with some accompanying text. This provides instructional designers with another way to present information to learners, using a different interaction style – critical for maintaining learners’ attention. In Image Slider, learners swipe (or tap) up and down to progress through content.

In using the template, we have found that Image Slider works particularly well for when you want to put most focus on the image, when text and imagery are being presented together (Where Image Gallery and Image Collection are great for emphasising text which is complimented by an image). However, this template can also be used to present long form text, functioning as a meatier Text Sequence template, parceling out content one paragraph at a time, rather than all at once as in a Scrolling Media template.

This template is also one of the first templates which allows content authors who are also skilled visual designers more freedom to play with the template – allowing for custom lightbox configuration, and unique text positioning, per slide.

Check out some examples of the Image Slider template in action below.

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