Introducing Media Collection Template

We welcome you to the most requested template by clients; EdApp’s new Media Collection template! The incorporation of media into your employee training strategy has never been easier than with EdApp’s newly developed Media Collection Template, for fast-forward thinking.

Why was it developed?

You can now smoothly and seamlessly integrate images and video into your microlessons, adding an extra dimension to an already leading learning experience.

What does it change?

In a nutshell, it is a hybrid of the pre-existing Video Collection and Image Collection templates. We have taken a more modern, education-forward approach to our older templates, enhancing your learning experience for the success of your corporation.

How to use the Media Collection Template

To touch on the technicalities, all you have to know is the ideal file types and sizes to perfectly integrate your media into your ideal employee learning strategy. For video files, .mp4 is perfect for effective and valuable videos. For images, a PNG or JPG file is ideal at approximately 800 x 600px.

What is the benefit of media in learning?

The University of Queensland has extensively studied the pedagogical benefits of using video in education over several decades. The connection between knowledge retention and visual clues was made in 1982 by Shepard and Cooper. It was further studied by Mayer and Gallini (1990), who concluded that visuals consolidate the knowledge process, causing a higher rate of knowledge absorption.

Multimedia authoring has been seen to boost the productivity and engagement of learners, studied by Willmot et al (2012). Some distinguishing changes in behaviour after the incorporation of digital video into training are:

  • An overall enhanced learning experience
  • The ability to build on preexisting knowledge
  • Enabling the storage of new information into learners’ long-term memory
  • Greater achievement
  • Enhanced teamwork and autonomy
  • Significantly increased intrinsic motivation.

The implementation of multimedia learning also facilitates ‘on-the-job’-like training where employee learning is more effective than that conducted by a real-life instructor in the communication of facts or the demonstration of strategy.

A further benefit of using video with an employee training app is the ability for learners to be able to access ‘how-to’ videos or other informative materials at their fingertips and on their own device.

If you already thought microlearning was the key to all of your employee training strategy woes, it just got even better.


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The University of Queensland, Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation