how to use microlearning to train staff

How to Use Microlearning for Training Staff

Using microlearning in training provides immediate answers to your staff’s most pressing issues. They can access information or training material on the device of their choice, anytime, anywhere.

However, where exactly can micro-learning be applied? Is it restricted to some industries or suitable to just a few training programs? Let’s answer the above questions by looking at some of the ways trainers and managers can use microlearning to training their staff.

Compliance Training

You can create a short interactive module to inform workers of new regulations or updates to existing laws. Microlearning modules can be utilized to cover all major compliance concepts. Add videos, latest news events, scenarios, followed by assessment tests to reinforce the key concepts.

Software Training

Through microlearning, organizations can provide instant procedures on how to complete software related tasks. Just create short watch-try-do simulations as per employees’ roles to simplify software usage. Alternatively, develop short explainer videos for employees to watch how specific software operates, or provide bite-sized modules to try and practice what they have learned in a simulated/mock environment.  

Sales Training

Providing nuggets of information handy for a sales pitch or relaying latest updates in a bite-sized manner via mobile gadgets can be of great help to your sales team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and animated sales videos are some micro learning approaches you can try in sales training. Keep in mind, if you wish to create things like sales videos for the purposes of staff training, ensure they are short, well scripted, have pleasing background sounds, clear narration, and illustrative animations, so that they can be highly engaging.

New Hire Training

New hire training is critical to retain freshly recruited staff.  Through microlearning techniques, you can easily train your new staff on significant aspects such as the organization values and mission, corporate jargons, the knowledge required to perform particular tasks, and adhering to compliance regulations.

Safety Training

Safety training comes in handy in the event of mishaps or accidents.  For instance, to be safe, you need an emergency evacuation route map for any building, and user-friendly guidelines to use safety equipment. Amazingly, this can be delivered via microlearning.  

Yet again, even for this case, remember to use visually rich content such as videos, images, and charts to make your safety training content more engaging. You can also offer activity-based assessments to minimize cognitive load on the learners.

Bottom Line

As you can see, microlearning can be used almost anywhere. Therefore, leverage on its ubiquitous nature and relay helpful content to fill the knowledge gaps of your employees from time to time.


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