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How to: Text Sequence Template

Key Takeaway: The Text Sequence template allows you to utilise progressive disclosure during knowledge transfer in your Ed lessons.

With the average person’s attention span on the decline, it’s important to keep excess strain on your learner’s brains to a minimum wherever possible. The Text Sequence template helps achieve this goal by utilising the principles of progressive disclosure, by allowing you to break down large bodies of text into manageable pieces, and displaying them sequentially in small, bitesized chunks.

Practically, this means that in a Text Sequence slide the user taps to indicate that they are ready to move on. New chunks of information arrive from the bottom of the screen and push up the statements which have already been processed, which progressively fade out of sight.

In the LMS, setting up a Text Sequence template is a breeze.


The Title field represents the piece of text which is first presented to the user when they arrive on the slide. Following this, each Content field contains the next piece of text within the sequence. It is recommended that each chunk of information here is no longer than a short, sharp sentence – any more and you are better off using a Scrollable template to get your content across.

Finally, the Prompt and Label can each be optionally updated and (as with all knowledge transfer templates) you can add narration as you prefer.

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