How To Onboard Staff with Gamification

How To Onboard Staff with Gamification

Staff often find onboarding to be boring and tedious, but this is where we come in with our solution. Yep, gamification! To onboard staff with gamification is easy and just as effective.

According to Ambient Insight’s 2016-2021 Global Game-Based Learning Market, in 2016, worldwide revenues for game-based learning products reached $2.6 billion. Yep, billion. The global five-year compound annual growth rate is 22.4 per cent, meaning revenues will increase to $7.3 billion by 2021.

It’s about more than just playing games, in fact, it is the application of gaming elements to essential employee training programs. To effectively implement gamification in your employee training strategy, we share our top tips for your company success.

A more supportive learning environment

Gamification provides a much more supportive environment in which employees are able to immerse themselves in. An informal learning environment allows learners to experience on-the-job-like training, without face-to-face communication. This boosts employee engagement, promoting increased knowledge retention.

An immersive learning experience

Entertaining employees whilst feeding new information improves retention and recall of new knowledge. Gamification drives employees to incorporate their skills into game-like quizzes and exercises, improving the quality of performance in real-life, without taking time for face-to-face training. That way, work hours are better utilised and productivity is increased.

Effective feedback and tracking of progress

Due to gaming elements, such as leaderboards and point scores, the progress of employees can be immediately observed, tracking progress and understanding. This instills a sense of intrinsic motivation in employees as the element of healthy competition encourages learners to the best in their team.

Has an effect on employee behaviour

Gamification prompts behavioural change in employees, through other elements such as spaced repetition, leading to increased retention and recall of new information. Information retrieval is essential for employees’ progression in their roles, contributing to overall company success.

Accommodating to employees’ needs and preferences

Employees’ needs and preferences are accommodated for when gamification is implemented, further increasing employee engagement and progression. Fulfilling learning needs is crucial for effective onboarding and ongoing training. Enhancing the skillsets of employees means that they better perform in their roles, as knowledge of the company and processes are understood and consolidated in their training.

Avoids cognitive overload

Cognitive overload refers to too much information being fed to employees at any given time. It is a known fact that learners can only withstand 3-5 new pieces of information at any given time, meaning any more results in information to be pushed out of long-term memory. Using gamification avoids this by only feeding learners an amount of new knowledge that they are capable of retaining.

Challenges the learner

Challenging your employees both boosts engagement and is mentally stimulating. Making training exercises facile often detracts from the aim of training, as employees are not motivated. However, exercises which are too challenging are unachievable, which also decreases the value of microlessons. Thus, a middle ground must be established for employees to have the right amount of incentive for greater learning.

Used for range of corporate training needs

Gamification’s versatility means it can be suited to a plethora of employee training functions. Induction and onboarding benefit greatly from gamification, due to increased engagement and participation. Behavioural change throughout employees’ time in the company is continually shifting through the participation in a gamified learning experience, motivating learners to increase learning capability. Compliance training is difficult to engage employees, however gamification is an effective solution through the addition of entertainment and fun to otherwise boring content.


Want to know more about gamification for effective company training?

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