How To Onboard Seasonal Staff Using Microlearning

Employee onboarding microlearning modules

There are a number of corporate organizations in the world, particularly in the retail sector, that need a little extra help when it comes to certain parts of the year, especially the holiday seasons.

The arrival of holiday season means that the demand for products or services shoots through the roof, and that organizations selling those products or services must tighten their belts to be able to supply the same to the increased influx of customers. It is at times like these that these organizations hire seasonal employees to help them with the extra workload.

However, seasonal employees are employees as well, and even though they are at an organization for only a short time, they require proper onboarding and training. Since time is short, onboarding seasonal staff using traditional onboarding and training methods can be difficult, and often results in improper onboarding and incomplete training. So, what can organizations do to properly onboard and train seasonal staff in the short amount of time they have? Well, the answer seems simple – Microlearning.

There are a number of ways microlearning is suited to onboard and train seasonal staff, and in this article, we’ll discuss those ways.

1. Make Knowledge Retention Easier Using Microlearning

Every employee, even a seasonal one, has to absorb a lot of information during onboarding. The amount of knowledge to be retained can be overwhelming, if it is not presented in a short, concise manner. While traditional training methods provide the new hires with pages upon pages of information which confuses and overloads their brains, microlearning presents the same information in 3-5 minute long, bite-sized modules that are easy to retain. Use interactivities, graphics and videos in your microlearning modules to engage your new hires and help in retention.

2. Use Video-Based Microlearning To Fast-Track The Welcome Process

The welcome process of seasonal employees can be time-taking, and as mentioned before, if an organization is in the need for seasonal employees, then it already is time-crunched. The welcome process can be easily be fast-tracked using microlearning, without even bothering a single HR or mentor to supervise the process. Organizations need to create a microlearning course with 3-5 minute video-based modules that welcome the new seasonal hires, familiarize them with their bosses and superiors, while explaining the organization’s culture and their job role.

3. Provide Compliance Training Through Microlearning

Seasonal employees are bona-fide employees of an organization, and thus have to adhere to compliance policies. However, making sure that they learn the compliance policies in the short time they are part of the organization can be a little challenging. However, using microlearning, compliance training can be easily made a part of the onboarding course, by including 5 minute modules on security practices, as well as health and safety procedures among other topics of the compliance policies. Microlearning can reduce lengthy, drab compliance policies into a simple series of do’s and don’t’s for the new hires using strategies such as graphic animations and gamification.

4. Save Time By Giving Them Mobile Microlearning

Although nowadays this goes without saying, organizations must make sure that every microlearning module they provide their temporary hires with, can be accessed via smartphones. Mobile microlearning will ensure that the new hires can access their whole onboarding course before they even set foot in the organization they are going to work in, sort of like a pre-onboarding. They can even access and take the course on their commute to the organization.

5. Impress New Hires

What new hires think about your organization, even temporary or seasonal employees, matters a lot. Microlearning is a fast, efficient and modern onboarding and training approach, and is considered a new digital transformation in employee learning and development due to its learner-centricity. Your seasonal employees will surely be impressed with this and will understand that they are worthy enough to deserve microlearning courses. It will also likely make them feel secure and proud of their choice of working for your organization which cares for its employees.

Microlearning is a worthwhile tool to use when onboarding and training seasonal hires, as is evident by the points made in this article. Organizations that often hire seasonal employees would be wise to implement it to save resources and money.

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