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How to: Narration

Key Takeaway: You can either upload pre-recorded content to your lessons, or record yourself using your device’s microphone.

Whether it’s clearly covering information, verbally exploring concepts more holistically or accommodating for auditory learning styles, applying narration to your microlessons can provide a wealth of benefits.

In Ed, you can supplement any Content template with narration.

While on a Content template (e.g. a Title slide) scroll down to the bottom of the content editor. Here you can either upload pre-recorded content, or record live narration. The audio will automatically play when the user reaches the slide within the lesson.

Narration location!

To upload audio, simply press Choose file and select the file which you would like to use – make sure to select a .mp3 or .wav file. It’s also important to wait for the upload to finish before moving on to edit any other slides. The upload time may vary depending on the length of the recording, however it should not take too long.

To record yourself narrating content, press the “record” button. Depending on your browser, a popup may appear asking for permission to access your microphone. Upon allowing its use, the recording will begin. Once you press “stop recording”, the newly created audio file will automatically begin to upload.

Once the narration has been uploaded, two configuration options are available; Wait for narration and Auto-progress on completion.

Narration customisation!

If Wait for narration is selected, the user will not be able to continue on to the next slide of the lesson until the audio has finished playing. If Auto-progress on completion is selected, they will be automatically moved on to the next slide of the lesson once the narration is completed.