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How to: Invite code

Key takeaway: You can use the invite code feature of Ed to allow quick onboarding to your e-learning content.

Once you are finished preparing your learning content, the next step is to get your learners into the app and completing their lessons. Ed offers a variety of ways for you to do this, but the simplest way to onboard new users is the invite code feature. Once it’s set up, you never have to worry about it again.

Using an invite code

Once a code is set up, a learner simply has to download Ed from the App store or Google play store, and select Use an invite code during the log in process.

The Invite Code Process

The Invite Code Process

From here, the learner enters your code and is prompted to create an Ed account. This account is automatically associated with your content, so they can access the lessons you have created for them.

The invite code only needs to be entered the first time a learner accesses your content. If they try to use the invite code again, they will be warned that their email address is already being used. In this case, they should go back to the home screen and sign in with the email and password they selected when they registered their account.

Setting up an invite code

To create an invite code for your account, you just need to go the registration page in the LMS and tick the “Enable invite codes” checkbox. Then, enter your desired code into the invite code field. This code needs to be unique, and at least 4 characters long.

Once this is completed, you are ready to give out your code! There are some other configuration options available to you (such as requiring a name on signup), but none of these are required. We recommend only gathering the information you really need about your learners during signup, to make the journey to their lessons as succinct as possible.

There are a number of extra options available for the invitation process to ensure it works well for everyone. For example, if you want to verify all new accounts which use your invite code, choose the Needs verification option. Select the options that make sense for use case.