ELearning course development: How to choose the right authoring tool

How To: Create a Course

EdApp content can be structured in a number of ways but the most common structure is a course/lesson level. Creating a course, and the lessons that make up it is easy using our Authoring Tool. In this post, we will explain how you can quickly create a course on the platform.

1. Navigate to the Courses pane

Here, press Create a Course

2. Fill in the initial fields on the page

This includes course name and course description. Keep the course drafted until you are ready for learners to see it. To learn more about how to publish a course, visit here.

3. Course configuration options

This pane gives you a number of ways to customise your course on a whole course level (vs. a lesson level which we will address in the next step.)

4. Press Create New Lesson

You can create numerous lessons within a course and customise them in a number of ways.

Enter the lesson name and description, just as you did for the Course.

5. Begin creating your lesson with the Authoring Tool

You’re now ready to begin using the Authoring Tool.

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