How-To: Assignments Feature

We are excited to announce the release of our Discussions and Assignments! To learn why we created these features and how they will further enhance social learning capabilities, click here. For a comprehensive guide on Discussions, click here or to learn how to access and utilise the Assignments feature in full effect, read on.

Part A: Admin View – How to Set Up the Assignment Feature

To set up the Assignments feature, begin by clicking the dropdown right next to ‘create a lesson’.

Step 1: Then select “Create an assignment”.

Step 2: Simply enter the title of the Assignment which will be automatically saved.

Step 3: Click the “Assignment” tab and enter the Assignment task in the blank box. This will be shown to the learner and they can submit a response according to the task.

The Assignment forum is set as mandatory by default and the completion requirement must be determined in the second part of the Assignment tab.

  • User must submit an Assignment and post one comment; or
  • User must submit an Assignment.

The course will be completed only if the learner has completed the Assignment by achieving the completion requirement and obtaining a “Passed” grade.

Step 4: If you would like the Assignment to be optional: You can set it up using the link in the note, “This setting is disabled if the Assignment is set as non-mandatory.”

After the Assignment forum is set as optional as per above steps, go back to the assessment tab. You can find this completion requirement section to be greyed out and non-clickable.

Step 5: Next, set up user group visibility in the last section of the Assignment tab. The Assignment forum will be seen by learners after all settings are configured and “Published”.

Part B: Admin View – Instructor Page for the Assignment Feature

Step 1: You can access this page from the “Peer Learning” dropdown at the top. Click “Assignment”.

Step 2: You will see a high-level summary page with the below information:

  • Course name
  • Assignment title under that course
  • Completion rate – number of learners who have passed the Assignment/the number of learners assigned to this Assignment
  • Number of not graded Assignments
  • A column with visual indication to indicate when there is new activity (new post or new comment).

Step 3: Click the Assignment title. This will lead you to see submissions from all learners sorted by status.

Step 4a: There, you can click “View Submission” and it will direct you to the detailed page of the Assignment, which is divided into two sections. The first section is for submission and grading.

Step 4b: The second section is for comments and replies. Scroll down to see other learners’ comments where they can enter a reply by using the conversation box under the post. After entering the reply, click “Publish” so that your comments can be seen by others.

Step 5: On the left-hand side, the sidebar will display both the Assignment task along with the details and link to the learners’ submissions.  

Step 6: You can also access discussion configuration settings by clicking a button on top of the page that says “Configure Discussion Settings”.

We hope that you enjoy our Assignments feature and experience the learning results. As always, we love hearing your feedback and can be reached at 

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