Guide: Analytics

Key Takeaway: Ed’s advanced analytics suite provides you with a rich variety of insights into your learners’ behaviour.

Once your users are completing their lessons, the next step is gaining an understanding of who has completed what lessons, and whether they are successfully retaining your key messages. That’s where Ed’s Analytics come in.

All of our analytics pages are grouped together under Analytics in the navigation bar. On each of these pages you can filter to view to a specific time period, or for a specific user group. This means you will always be able to extract the data which is relevant for you.

Continue through the article to get a brief overview of what each page contains.

App Usage

In the App Usage page you can find out how frequently users are logging into the app and which app versions are currently being used.

Guide analytics app usage

Also available on this page is a breakdown of how many active users were participating in your account per week, and per month.

app opens per month

User Analytics

On the User Analytics page you can view an overview of relevant information for all your users, such as time since last visit to the app, and the number of lessons and courses completed.

Guide analytics user

Clicking on Activity Feed gives you a view of the activity feed analytics page filtered only for this user’s interactions.

Clicking on the Content Drilldown button here provides detailed information related to a specific user, including lesson completion data and which courses and lessons they have unlocked.

content drilldown


Course Progress shows how your users are performing in their lessons. Here you will find global open and success rates from a course level all the way down to individual pieces of content.

Guide analytics content


If you have the Star Bar activated for your users, the Stars page gives you a quick overview of who has how many stars, as well as the number of stars in the entire system.

Guide analytics stars

Activity Feed

The activity feed presents user app interactions on a granular level. You can drill down into individual users and see them login, which screens they are on and which content they viewing.