4 Gamification Tips

4 Gamification Tips

Gamification is a specialised technique, where gaming elements are incorporated into staff training for a more engaging, interactive mobile learning experience. It is now your new secret weapon. Maybe not secret, but we’re here to tell you how we make gamification work for staff learning.

Also luckily for you, gamification for staff learning has been proven to engage employees, boost productivity and drive your business all the way to success.

If you’re wondering what we mean by gaming elements, think badges, levels and leaderboards. Here are four tips on how to utilise elements as simple as these to make a significant difference to staff learning through gamification in microlearning modules.

1. Ensure gamification for staff training modules are interactive

Making learning interactive is essential for employee engagement and comes naturally with gamification. Tick off check box one. The attention spans of most learners, especially of millennials, are atrociously short and are progressively getting even shorter. But there is a way around this, engaging learners with attractive and interactive training modules is one great way to keep their attention.

2. Acknowledge your employees

Employee acknowledgement is made possible with gamification, fostering confidence in staff to better perform their roles. Gamification enables this though leaderboards, badges, as well as ‘real’ prizes, used for extrinsic motivation and morale boosters. According to a report by Forbes, 35% of employees believe their productivity is hindered mainly by a lack of recognition.

3. Design mentally stimulating challenges

Employees often lose interest in things that they consider too easy and not adequately challenging. It is important to vary the level of difficulty to keep them motivated and maintain a high level of engagement. Make an end goal for employees to aim for, with different challenges along the way.

4. Make employee training fun and flexible

We understand how fast-paced life can get, which is why it is incredibly beneficial that gamification provides the flexibility of employees learning at their own pace. The training modules can be completed in their own time and in their own space, meaning that they are able to remain motivated and have a greater chance of being able to apply their new knowledge to practices in the workplace.

Want to know more about gamification for effective company training?

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