Gamification in learning

Gamification in Learning

Integrating elements of gamification in microlearning makes for an effective and engaging learning experience for training employees.

Gamification influences learners’ behaviour as it motivates the progression through modules and embeds a sense of healthy competition in employees.

Tailoring employee training programs fit to each different persons’ role and responsibility is time consuming, ineffective and perhaps impossible. This is where gamification for training in microlearning modules comes into play. Although one concept, gamification can be split into different levels, based on how much gamification is loaded into mobile learning.

4 levels of gamification in corporate training

eLearning Industry has highlighted 4 levels of integrated gamification practice companies have adopted in corporate training (fig.1).


Fig.1. 4 levels of gamification.

Read on to learn what each of the four levels of gamification entails.

Gamification in Corporate Training – Level 1: Partial Gamification

Partial gamification is the entry level of gamification for training and is often in the form of a quiz or assessment in a traditional eLearning environment. Basic background of the company can be integrated into these quizzes, for a start to a more overarching understanding. We can call it beginners gamification.

Gamification in Training – Level 2: Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning is characterised by scores, badges and leaderboards. These gaming elements allow for a cohesive relationship between employees and retention of new knowledge, through extrinsic motivation. These extrinsic rewards are a start to developing motivation of employees to engage and continue to learn about new concepts and changes, to later develop into intrinsic motivation.

Level 3: Gamified Learning Path

An element of microlearning, a gamified learning path refers to scenario-based learning, for instance, when learners must help their clients understand the features and functions of a product. Training employees on a product through quizzes and interactive mobile learning activities stimulates their understanding of the company and increases their engagement. That’s two birds with one stone right there.

Level 4: Gamified Learning Portals

This is where the whole microlearning LMS comes in. Gamified learning portals feature short gamified quizzes and challenges to deliver product and service on-going training to employees, the epitome of microlearning. EdApp’s gamification tools allow you to instantly and effectively gamify your learning material by using pre-existing, successful for a reason, gamified templates. With the formatting covered, all you need to prepare is company and/or industry knowledge, questions and answers.

Gamified Learning with EdApp Learning Portal

Gamification for effective company training

If you’d like to use gamification to turbocharge your workforce training for practices, policies, procedures or products, get in touch with EdApp at You can also try EdApp’s spaced repetition implementation, Brain Boost, for free by signing up here.

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