gamification for staff onboarding

Tips to use gamification for staff onboarding

Mobile learning has become an important part of the onboarding process for many organizations. They have been utilizing mobile learning to get their new hires ready for their first day on the job. Through the use of mobile learning applications, businesses can transfer key information to their new hires from anywhere and at any time. Their new hires can access this information from their mobile devices. Some companies have realized that when they add gamification into their mobile learning structures, they can get the employees to complete the pre-training faster and are more engaged in the entire process. Here are some tips to using gamification for staff onboarding.


When incorporating a leaderboard or other tracking method (that pits the new hires against one another) or provides them with their progress towards completing the process of being ready to start work, they are more inclined to put in the extra effort to get it done. Imagine having a few new hires instantly seeing the progress of other employees that are set to start on the same day. Each one will work hard to complete the training first, so they make the best impression.

Personalized Gaming

Design specific games that act as a simulator for what the new hire will be doing. These virtual games will allow them to practice their job, understand what is expected of them and get them ready to be productive from day one. Cashiers can pretend to cash out customers and learn how to deal with guests, without having to work directly with the customers until they are ready.

Goals and Paths to follow

Your gaming should include goals that the users can achieve and a clearly-defined path to follow, so that the employees will understand what is expected of them. The users should know exactly what is expected for them, so that they can follow the process. This will help introduce them to what they will be doing and to the way your organization does the things they do.

When companies use gamification correctly in their onboarding process, they make a good impression on their employees and get them ready for a successful first day on the job. It is a great way to ensure that they are ready and feel comfortable, so they can be more productive from the start. Continued use of these training programs can help your staff continually progress towards company goals.

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