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August 9, 2018



Gamification apps

Boasting dozens of templates, Ed’s template library gives you the freedom to choose between a huge range of interactions and reinforcement styles. While our “game” templates can be used to create quick, effective and engaging mini-games within lessons, almost any reinforcement slide can be gamified with a couple of useful features. If you’re looking for the best gamification apps for business, then check out Ed App’s features and recommendations below…

Free gamification apps for business: Tick, tock…

Adding a timer can be a quick and easy way of gamifying any reinforcement slide. You’ll need to forewarn learners with a simple “Image Gallery” or “Title” slide – however, a sense of urgency will challenge learners to think harder, or even go back and review content a second time to prepare. This can greatly enhance your learner outcomes — the benefits include greater retention and a deeper understanding of your course content due to a heightened sense of importance.


Timers can be easily configured in any reinforcement template in the “timer” section of the configuration panel which is a welcome site in gamification apps for business. The “out of time prompt” can also be changed to alter the message learners receive when the timer runs out.

Everyone’s a star

By using EdApp’s built-in prizing mechanisms and awarding “stars” for correct answers, your learners will be instantly rewarded for selecting the correct answers. You can award as many stars as you like for correct answers – even better, give more stars for questions that have a timer attached. Moreover, your learners will be able to see how many stars are available as soon as they arrive on each slide.

gamification apps for business EdApp

The amount of stars awarded to each learner can be easily configured in the configuration panel of each slide. One star per slide is awarded by default.

Gamification apps for business: Badges of honour

With built-in badges automatically configured, Ed rewards learners after completing certain amounts of lessons, opening their app on consecutive days, and more. Better yet, these badges are configured by default, and as they have generic branding, you don’t even have to lift a finger!


You can turn badges on and off in the App Settings menu, found at the top right of the LMS. By default, they are turned on.

EdApp Gamification App for Business

EdApp Gamification Templates for Business

EdApp Gamification Templates for Business

If you’d like to try Ed Microlearning and its free gamification app, get in touch at enquiries@edapp.com. You can also try EdApp’s Mobile LMS and authoring tool for free by signing up here .

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